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Wholesale Cannabis Pricing Guide 2023

The LeafLink Wholesale Cannabis Pricing Guide 2023 is here! Dive deep into exclusive pricing data from 13 US cannabis markets across 5 product categories, so you can ensure you’re buying and selling at the best price. 

In the guide, you’ll find 2022’s average wholesale pricing for 5 major product categories, how pricing impacts sales performance, and year-over-year changes across our 13 largest markets.
The data in the guide represents insights and trends from transactions that took place on LeafLink Marketplace, which processes over 50% of wholesale cannabis sales in the U.S. 


2022 Highlights

  • Due to strong illicit markets, lack of established retail outlets, and other factors, wholesale pricing trends plummeted in 2022.

  • Edible prices per mg remained the same despite the addition of three new markets to the data. All 10 of the returning states saw numbers consistent with the prior year.

  • In 2022, prices across product categories decreased and Flower experienced the largest shift, moving the lower quintile to $900 per lb (down from $1.5K in 2021.)

Download the Wholesale Cannabis
Pricing Guide 2023
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